Proteins or amino acids What’s better

Proteins or amino acids What’s better


Many people interested in sports nutrition have a lot of questions: protein powders or amino acids are preferable to choose, what are their differences, can they be combined and what is better to use and what?

In order to answer all of the above questions, you need to know what these compounds are. This is completely uncomplicated. It is clear that protein powders got their name due to their main components — proteins (proteins). Proteins are a construct made up of amino acids. In each protein, amino acids are linked by chemical compounds that need to be destroyed, that is, digested in order for the body to absorb them. Separately, amino acids (that is, the sports nutrition products themselves from this category) are already split into a form that is easily digested. That is why some athletes take amino acids and protein powders at different times.

Since amino acids are quickly absorbed, it is recommended to drink them when they are more necessary — before and after training, in the morning. If it is arginine, then it must be taken before bedtime on an empty stomach. Amino acids are sometimes taken in order to enrich the daily diet, but protein powders based on casein, a protein that is absorbed by the body within a few hours, are used for this purpose, and during this entire time, amino acids enter the bloodstream. Therefore, casein-based protein powders are recommended for use at night or between meals throughout the day.

Among athletes, the most popular protein is whey. It is absorbed much faster than other types of protein, although slower than amino acids, so it, like amino acids, can be drunk after training. It is also possible to use deca kaufen it throughout the day, whey protein, unlike amino acids, helps maintain strong muscles and positively affects the body as a whole.

So, despite the fact that amino acids and protein powders are different products, you can still compare them. In a sense, they are interchangeable if you slightly change the mode of use. Otherwise, combinations of amino acids and proteins are the most effective and profitable for money. You can take casein and whey during the day, after training — amino acids, and at night — casein again.